We are very much a family business, with my super glamorous 77-year-old Mum Iris running the accounts department and my eldest son Oscar, works in the office and stockroom, the younger ones Sam and Monty help out on our event nights handing out the cakes.



Gemma: Buyer and Marketing Manager, 11 years at Velvet.  She is responsible for social media, marketing, buying alongside me and leads the team in producing the fabulous displays you see in store. She is a Velvet Super Star and literally my right hand. Gem got married last year, it was the best day, loads of Velvet girls, past and present partied the night away. She loves travelling, shopping, dogs, yoga and eating and drinking (that’s why we get on so well)!!

Iris: Management Accountant and My Mum – 20 years at Velvet. I set the business up with my mum 20 years ago, now she does all our accounts and is known as Lady I by all the team. She is just wonderful, incredibly supportive and super glamourous. We all love her. She loves knitting, going to pilates, her cat and her garden.

Ella: Manager/Merchandiser - 4 years at Velvet. She works very hard on the day to day running of the shop and is fantastic with all our customers. She is the tidiest person on earth and also super creative with the displays. She loves eggs, dogs, Jaeger and has a very wicked sense of humour.

Ellen:  Manager – 6 years at Velvet, is currently on maternity leave. We miss her so much!! Ellen is a ray of sunshine, we miss her hugs, her naughty jokes and the customers miss her amazing service! She will be back … She loves her husband, her dog Mila, sausage rolls and her new gorgeous baby, Noah!

Grace: Supervisor and Assistant Buyer, - 6 years at Velvet, she started with Velvet when she only 16! 6 years later through A-Levels and a Marketing degree, she has risen through the ranks and is a much-loved member of the team. She is gorgeous and she loves modelling our clothes and works so hard. She loves a night out with her girls and big glasses of rose!

Sarah: Personal Shopper and Customer Care Leader – 4 years at Velvet, she is a wonderful personal shopper, spends hours with customers. She is a gorgeous very kind French lady who looks lovely in our clothes, she does the best flower arrangements too. She loves her dog, going on city breaks in Europe and drinking champagne!

Helen: Supervisor and Stock Manager – totalling nearly 10 years (with a break in the middle) thank god for Helen – the most organised person EVER, she is the reason the stock gets on to the shop floor so quickly, and woe-betide anyone who messes up her stockroom! She loves raving, anything from the 90's and adventure holidays with her husband!

Sasha: Weekend Customer Care and Stock Assistant has been with us 1 year. When she is not at Velvet helping all our customers and getting stock processed she is studding Professional Musicianship -Vocals at BIMM Brighton. Sasha has a beautiful voice and you will often see her performing at our special shopping events. She obviously loves singing, BBQ hula hoops, astrology and cats.

Savi: Weekend Customer Care, You will often see Savi modelling our clothes beautifully on the stories and helping all our customers in the changing rooms. When she is not at Velvet she is studying for her degree in English Language or playing professional tennis. She loves make up, her dog Rodger and drinking white wine on a night out with her girls.

Mia:  Customer Care, is super friendly and chatty with all our customers. She has a degree in theatre make up so always looks gorgeous. She loves gin, make up, Dr Martens and Halloween.

Sophie:  Weekend Customer Care, has just joined the team. She has already fit in so well and is super helpful and chatty with all our customers. You will often see her modelling our clothes beautifully on our Saturday stories. 

Oscar: Office and Stockroom Assistant, my gorgeous17 year old son, so has by default been part of Velvet for 17 years. He is studying A-levels at BHASVIC including business studies. He works part-time in the office and stockroom. He loves (me, hopefully) rap music, going out and eating and sleeping A LOT!

Sam and Monty: aged 13 and 10, my little superstars, you will see them helping out, serving cakes and sweets at our events.

Lorna, My Sister, you will see her at all our events dishing our wine or helping customers, she looks just like me but younger!! She is Velvets biggest fan, and tells the whole world her sister owns Velvet!! She loves her husband, her beautiful kids, shopping, exercise, writing and drinking wine with me!!