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Thanks for visiting Velvet. My name is Emma and I founded the business 23 years ago in a little shop in North Laine, Brighton with my amazing Mum Iris. We’ve moved around the city a few times but we have been very happy in our current home in the heart of Hove for the past 15 years. We have over 2500 sq ft of carefully curated products over two fabulous floors.


I live just round the corner with my three wonderful boys, aged 14, 17 and 20. They mean the world to me, and though they sometimes drive me crazy, I’m incredibly proud of them all. They are a big reason why I work so tirelessly to make Velvet thrive, not only to support them financially (they get through an awful lot of trainers and food) but also to demonstrate how resilient women can be, balancing both motherhood and running a business with great success. Though there have been many ups and downs, I am sure they are proud of me, though a little embarrassed by how many people I say hello to daily – all part of the joy of running a local shop.


Velvet is my deepest passion, a source of joy even during tough times. I'm fortunate to have an extraordinary team of 16 remarkable women working alongside me, especially the invaluable Gemma. A genuine right-hand woman; looking after all aspects of every day Velvet life, and in particular our growing social media presence. We have a really powerful bond, built over 15 years of hard work and thousands of funny moments. We are also a family affair, with my amazing 80-year-old mum handling bookkeeping and serving as my inspiration. The whole team's enduring dedication and mutual support make Velvet a real collaborative enterprise.

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I have always been obsessed by fashion and interior design, and I find great joy in creating captivating displays, discovering exquisite new products, and, above all, ensuring they delight our customers. Together with Gemma and our brilliant buying team, we invest considerable time in sourcing unique and original items from across the globe in collaboration with our supplier partners.


We always take great pride in our striking window displays and in-store setups. The most rewarding aspect of our work is always witnessing the delight that our customers experience from our store environment and our selection of wonderful products. It’s always a joy and a pleasure to meet and greet them all, many of them becoming loyal regulars and even friends


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