Very sadly we are now closed due to the new guidelines. This time round we will not be offering online or click and collect, BUT don’t worry we will be getting everything ready as loads of gorgeous new spring lines are coming in for when we open again, we cannot wait for you to see it all.


These lockdowns have taught us that our customers don’t really like shopping online with us, they like spending lots of time browsing, enjoying the store environment, getting inspiration, trying on clothes and chatting to us.


Also, as we have short stock runs, and new stock all the time, it’s hard to translate this online, very time consuming and alongside the understandable many clothing returns - as unable to try on, online is just not a Velvet thing for now.


I love being a shop keeper and that’s just what works best for Velvet financially too, All the Velvet team jobs are safe, and they are furloughed.


This next period of closure the shop will get a mini makeover and a big in-store redisplay. Large shipments of clothing and homeware from Holland and Denmark are expected in January so I can be getting them all ready for opening whenever that may be?


Also, with secondary schools not opening, I need to fulfil my often much trickier but wonderful job of being a single mum to 3 teenage boys.


Lots of enquiries about exchanges and credit notes. Please do not worry, you can exchange for three months after we are open again and we will also extend credit notes to 6 months after we are open. We will miss you all so much and look forward to seeing you again soon, much Love Emma xxxxxx