Product Heroes!

Posted 30/09/2015

Far be it from us to toot our own horn, but one question our customers often ask is: ‘You’ve got such lovely things! How do you not buy it all yourselves?’
There’s a very simple answer to that question. We do buy it all ourselves! Very rarely does a day go past without one of us adding an item to our staff bill, especially when we get in new and exciting stuff almost daily!
In fact, we thought we’d share our ‘staff picks’ for this month to give you an idea!

This month, Grace has been loving…

Shearer Candle stand
Our Shearer Candles! (Particularly the ‘Amber Noir’ one…it smells sooo musky and gorgeous). They last for ages and can scent a room really well. Sometimes I think scented candles can be really overpowering, but these ones seem to be subtle enough to burn anywhere in the house without the smell becoming distracting. We’ve just had in a couple of new scents too, Amber and Rose and Oriental Fig…I might have to try those out next!

Sylvie has been loving…

Tea and Cake Plate

I openly admit that I am a bit obsessed with tea, and we’ve just started stocking these really cool ‘Tea and Cake’ sets, with a mug for your brew and a plate (it’s like an oversized saucer, really) for whatever snacks you want to nibble on as you’re sipping. They come in pink, mint, blue and my personal favourite, dark purple – and I think I’ll pick up a couple of these as presents too, they come in cute boxes which are nice and easy to wrap!

Gemma has been loving…


The sophisticated colours on our geometric doorstops .– I think they look really fresh and beachy! They are easy to co-ordinate as well, and we have just received stock of some cushions with similar patterns on. I love little ‘accent’ bits of decor, they are a really easy way to brighten up a room when you’re craving a change.

Ellen has been loving…

Makeup baggage

If there is one thing I like to keep organised, it’s my make-up! I find it really tricky to find a make-up bag that suits me, but these ones are nice and spacious so I can cram loads in there, and if I need to put less in there, I can fold it up and slip it into my handbag without it looking too bulky. Plus, I love the cute slogans – it makes me smile whenever I reach for it!

Love, The Girls @ velvet-small